Championships Sale or Return

Sale or Return for Class Association
National, European, and World Championships

Championships of all kinds offer the best opportunities for Class Associations to sell related merchandise such as t-shirts, caps, fleeces, etc.

Apart from buying in a few printed t-shirts, most associations are not in the financial position, or can not take the risk, of buying in a range of products to maximise the impulse sales opportunities that are presented at Championships.

Ocean World has come up with the solution!

  1. OW will supply a range of printed or embroidered clothing and accessories for a Championships to the Class Association Secretary (or appointed officer) on a 'sale or return' basis.
  2. OW sets the retail selling price of the items supplied and provides laminated price signs.
  3. OW covers all origination costs for printing screens, embroidery set-up charges, etc.

What does your Association have to do?

  1. You undertake to use your best efforts to sell the range to the event competitors and visitors (leaving gear stuck in a cardboard box does not do the trick!).
  2. Within one week of the end of the event, you return all unsold goods to Ocean World. They must still be in a clean and saleable condition.
  3. You keep 25% of the total sales as a commission and remit the remaining 75% to Ocean World.
  4. You are responsible for all stock. Anything 'missing' is deemed to have been sold at full price.
  5. You create an 'Official Clothing' website link from the front page of your website to a dedicated clothing website on the Ocean World website. In turn, Ocean World will create a reverse link back to your website.
  6. You must liase with us to tell us how many boats you are expecting at an event, and the 'mix' of people attending i.e. sizes, gender, etc.

In addition to the 25% commission you receive on goods sold at your events, you will also receive a credit of 10% of all online and mail order sales as part of our 'Club Service' (see for details).

To summarise:

  • No financial risk to your association.
  • No upfront costs.
  • No origination costs.
  • Large quality range available to your members.
  • Individual orders can be placed via the website.
  • Online sales can be personalised with boat names or sail numbers.

Still have some questions? Please contact us at:

Ocean World Ltd
46 High Street., Cowes, IOW, PO31 7RR, UK
Tel. 01983 291744 Fax. 01983 297252