Embroidery Set-Up

To enable your own design to be embroidered onto any of our clothing or accessories, an embroidery control disk must first be produced which controls the actual computerised embroidery machine. The steps required are as follows:

1. Create your Artwork

The quality of your final embroidered logo will depend on the quality of your original artwork.

If you are a company or a club and already have an established logo, then probably a good quality letterhead, brochure, or a car sticker will be adequate for us to work from. Sometimes we may have to alter small parts of your logo (particularly very small lettering) to meet the parameters required for clear and precise embroidery.

If you are creating a brand new logo, a few simple 'rules of thumb' will ensure a good finished result:

*Lettering should be at least 5mm tall

*Any 'stand alone' lines should be at least 1mm thick

*Although up to 8 colours can be used, designs with no more than 4 colours seem to give the best results.

Most designs produced for garment embroidery fit within an area of 90mm x 90mm. If you need to have caps embroidered, your design must not be more than 55mm tall x 90mm wide.

We have our own design studio, and if you would prefer us to produce the artwork, there is an average charge of £12.00.

2. Origination Costs

Once we have your logo artwork, an embroidery control disk can be produced. The cost depends on the number of stitches in your design, and is charged at £12.00 per 1000 stitches (includes vat). On average, a breast pocket design is between 5000 and 8000 stitches. Minimum charge is £24.00.

To estimate the cost of your logo click here to see logos we have already produced and their relative stitch counts.

3. Embroidery Costs 

The cost of embroidery of a standard size logo (no more than 8000 stitches) onto our own garment range depends on the number of items embroidered at any one time. Click here for further details.

4. Getting Started 

Contact us with your design ideas, or send your existing artwork to the address shown at the bottom of this page.

5. Embroidered Lettering

If all that is required is embroidered lettering as opposed to a logo, click here for further details.

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