Screen Printing

Screen Printing is normally the preferred option if a large design is required on garments such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, backs of rugby shirts, etc. Screen printing works best on cotton or poly/cotton fabrics. It is not normally recommended for coated fabrics such as those used in waterproof jackets etc.


The first step in screen printing is to prepare good separated artwork of your design. The quality of the finished job is entirely dependant on the quality of the original artwork. If you have not produced artwork for screen printing previously, we suggest you contact us for advice. We also have our own in-house graphics studio should you wish us to produce artwork for you. Price for artwork depends on the complexity of the job. Contact us for a quotation.

Screen Origination

A separate silk screen is required for each colour in your design. Each screen costs £20 (ex vat) to prepare, and is held for 3 months after a job has been printed. There are no repeat origination charges if a job is reprinted within the 3 months.

Printing Costs
(Ex vat)

The costs of screen printing is dictated by the size of the design, the number of colours in it, and the quantities required in any one run. The following print costs should be added to the basic cost of the garments required. Contact us for larger quantities and/or more colours.

Logo Size

LOGO 1/2 A4 A4
10 x 10cms 10 x 28cms 28 x 19cms
5 x 20cms 14 x 19cms  
Size : max Size : max Size : max
100sq. cms 315sq. cms 625sq. cms

Single Colour

5 2.10 2.30 2.90
10 1.60 1.80 2.00
15 1.35 1.55 2.05
20 1.15 1.35 1.95
25 1.05 1.25 1.85
50 0.80 1.00 1.65

2 Colour

5 3.36 3.68 4.64
10 2.56 2.88 3.20
15 2.16 2.48 3.28
20 1.84 2.16 3.12
25 1.68 2.00 2.96
50 1.28 1.60 2.64

3 Colour

5 4.10 4.49 5.66
10 3.12 3.51 3.90
15 2.63 3.02 4.00
20 2.24 2.63 3.80
25 2.05 2.44 3.61
50 1.56 1.95 3.22


All prices qouted above are ex vat. Vat must be added at the current rate.

Embroidered Lettering

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